Traffic Signals

State Regulations

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) issues permits to the township for all traffic signals. The municipality must maintain these signaled intersections. PennDOT reviews all requests for signal:
  • Locations
  • Signage
  • Timing changes
Before any traffic signal may be changed, PennDOT must review, approve, and change the permit. They will then send the changed permit to the township for field application.


Before any signage may be placed for which one may receive a citation (i.e., speed limits, stop signs, etc.), an engineering and traffic study must be done. The federal government publishes the rules that govern these studies. There is a manual on uniform traffic control devices that indicates:
  • How studies must be conducted
  • Under what conditions signs may be placed
  • What signs may be placed

Tip for Those Making Requests

Please be patient when making a sign request. Be assured that we are trying our best and will go through all the proper procedures as quickly as is legally possible.