Traffic Management

Adaptive Traffic Control Signal System

The construction of Graphite Mine Road was a wonderful success. The bypass has alleviated traffic delays on Route 100 through the Village of Eagle and allowed traffic to flow efficiently through the Township. Because of all that it has to offer, Chester County continues to grow. This growth means that municipalities must proactively prepare and actively manage traffic flow. The goals of traffic planning and management include the reduction of traffic delays, the reduction of fuel consumption, and the reduction of harmful emissions. With the assistance of $614,625 in ARLE grant funding, Upper Uwchlan Township is now focusing on the installation of technology in the form of an adaptive traffic control signal system to maximize capacity of the existing road network and allow traffic to flow as efficiently as possible.
Upper Uwchlan Township currently owns and maintains ten traffic signals, all located in or immediately adjacent to the Route 100 corridor. All signals noted below are included in the adaptive traffic control project.

Upper Uwchlan Township Traffic Signals

  • Route 100/Fellowship Road
  • Route 100/Park Road
  • Park Road/Little Conestoga Road
  • Route 100/Byers Road
  • Graphite Mine Road/Station Boulevard
  • Graphite Mine Road/Byers Road
  • Route 100/Ticonderoga Boulevard

  • Route 100/Graphite Mine Road
  • Route 100/East Township Line Road
  • Route 100/Pennsylvania Drive
  • Route 100/Eagleview Boulevard (Uwchlan Township – included in the adaptive system)
  • Route 100/Route 401 (West Vincent Township – communications to be established with the signal)
The adaptive signal system will interconnect the signal system and communicate using fiber optic cable. This communications equipment allows the traffic signals to 'talk' to each other and to a central computer through a state of the art closed loop traffic signal system. The central computer will be located at the Township Building and will communicate with the interconnected traffic signals for the purpose of monitoring traffic flow, adjusting as necessary based upon detected volume, collecting traffic data, and providing maintenance alarms. The system also allows for immediate responsiveness in times of emergent need such as a closure of the Pennsylvania Turnpike or other major local thoroughfares which would result in significant increases of volume on local roadways in Upper Uwchlan Township. PennDOT will have access to this system at their 24-hour Traffic Management Center in order to monitor regional traffic flow.

Other features, such as battery-back-up systems and generator hook-ups, will be added to several intersections to provide continuous operation during power outages. Also, at the intersection of Route 100 and Route 401, communications will be established to monitor the operation of the traffic signal.
With new development and redevelopment of land in and around Chester County, traffic patterns continue to change and traffic volume continues to increase. Active management of traffic, from a regional perspective, is critical to ensuring a healthy, vibrant economy, the reduction of traffic delays, fuel consumption and harmful emissions. Upper Uwchlan Township would like to thank all of our elected officials for their ongoing support in the area of funding and Uwchlan Township and West Vincent Township for participating in this project. Thinking regionally is critical to the successful management of traffic issues.
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