Municipal Real Estate Taxes

As of January 2021, Upper Uwchlan Township municipal real estate taxes are collected by the Chester County Treasurer.  

Tax Schedule

Real estate tax bills for Upper Uwchlan Township property owners will be mailed on or around February 1 of each year. The bills are mailed directly to the homeowner. If you do not receive your bill by March 1, please contact the Chester County Treasurer's Office. 

The following information applies to Township levied real estate tax only. For information about taxes levied by the county or school district, click here

Payments - Make payable to Chester County Treasurer

  1. If property has been sold: Return bill with the name of the new owner to the Treasurer's Office.
  2. If funds are in escrow: Forward entire bill to mortgage company.
    • MOBILE: Scan QR code on the front to pay directly from your mobile device.
    • ONLINE: Payment by electronic check or credit card is accepted online. Visit: to make a payment. Additional fees apply.
    • MAIL: Include attached stub with the payment using the enclosed envelope for prompt processing. To obtain a receipt, return the entire bill and a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment.
    • BANK BILL PAY: If using your bank bill pay function, you must use the Invoice Number listed on this tax bill as the account number. The Invoice Number is unique to each tax bill and must be updated every year. Please do not include multiple Invoice Numbers as each Invoice Number must be paid separately.
    • OFFICE: Payment may be made in person at the Treasurer's Office - Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Credit Card payments are also accepted when paying in person. Additional fees apply.
    • BANK: Taxes will be accepted at any Chester County branch of S&T Bank. Payment stub must accompany payment when made in person. Please visit for S&T locations and hours.
  4. Payment must be received by the Treasurer's Office by due date or postmarked by U.S. Postal Service by due date in order to receive discount or to avoid penalty. If payment is made by check, stamped receipt is not valid until check has cleared. There will be a $50.00 charge for returned checks.
  5. Between December 15th and December 31st, the Treasurer's Office will not accept personal checks for payment of taxes. Only cash, money orders or bank checks will be accepted.
  6. Taxes that are unpaid by December 31st, will be forwarded to the Tax Claim Bureau for collection. Please call 610-344-6360 after January 15th to inquire about delinquent taxes.
  7. You must request an address change to the Assessment Office in writing to:
    • 313 W. Market Street, Suite 4202
      P.O. Box 2748
      West Chester, PA 19380-0991
  8. Questions regarding assessment amount, contact: Assessment Office 610-344-6105.
  9. Questions regarding payment of bill, visit or call Treasurer's Office 610-344-6370.
  10. Taxes are due and payable as prescribed by law, whether or not a tax bill has been received by the taxpayer. Failure to receive a bill does not alter the due date, discount or penalty.

New Construction

If you have recently moved into new construction, you may not receive a bill in February. This is because your home was not assessed in time. Once your dwelling has been assessed, you will receive an interim tax bill for the time period that you lived in the home for that year.

Payment Discounts & Penalties

A 2% discount is offered for payment made within 60 days of billing. If payment is not received within 120 days of billing, a 10% penalty is levied.

Prior Year Taxes

If you need a tax certification or any information about your 2020 or other prior year municipal real estate taxes, contact Berkheimer Associates at  (610) 599-3143.

Real Estate Tax Collector

as of January 2021
Chester County
Treasurer's Office