Map of the Phase Two service areaTreatment Plant Capacity Expansion

The Route 100 Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant’s (WWTP) treatment capacity is being expanded from 300,000 to 600,000 gallons per day (gpd) under its Phase Two expansion. The expansion will be constructed by developers. The developers are paying the expansion's up-front construction costs.

Service Area

The WWTP’s expansion to 600,000 gpd will serve the developer’s new residential subdivisions within the Route 100 corridor and will provide sewer capacity to service the existing residences and businesses in the villages of Eagle and Byers.

Letters to Residents

In anticipation of the Phase Two WWTP expansion, the authority sent letters to property owners within and adjacent to the residential developments of Eagle Manor, Heather Hill, and Windsor Place. Historically, the private on-lot septic systems within these developments have been prone to failure. The letter:
  • Described the Phase Two expansion and its anticipated schedule
  • Identified the property owner’s average sewer connection cost to be approximately $10,000
  • Provided property owners with a background on Phase One of the Route 100 Regional WWTP
Sewer connection construction for these residential developments began in July 2015.

For More Information

For more information about the Municipal Authority's projects, please contact the Authority at (610) 458-9400 x7015.