Land Disposal of Sanitary Sewage

Alternative Sanitary Sewage Disposal Methods

The need for wastewater treatment has been increasing due to continued development in our community. At the same time, wastewater treatment plants in the area are facing stricter discharge standards. To meet new requirements and maintain an environmentally sound community, the Municipal Authority has turned to spray and subsurface drip irrigation systems as sound alternatives to conventional stream discharge methods.

By utilizing alternative discharge methods, the authority is able to:
  • Maintain the high quality of our local rivers and streams
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Recharge groundwater supplies

Disposal Goals

As we plan for the future growth of our community, we remain on the forefront of environmental and regulatory guidelines pertaining to wastewater services. The authority is committed to providing residents with a safe and dependable means of sanitary sewage disposal.

Advantages & Disadvantages

View advantages and disadvantages of spray and subsurface drip irrigation disposal methods.

Informational Sources